Monday, 7 December 2015

How to Unlock Bootloader on YU Yunique YU4711


This tutorial shows how to unlock bootloader on YU Yunique YU4711 Android Smartphone – Complete Guide

This tutorial is all about how to unlock bootloader on YU Yunique YU4711 Android Smartphone. Unlocking Bootloader is necessary to Install Custom Recovery, Install Custom Recovery etc. Without Unlocking Bootloader we will not be able to make any changes to the system files.

To be on the safe side while unlocking Bootloader on YU Yunique YU4711, we must follow the below steps before proceeding with the actual unlocking process.
Early Preparations:
  1. Make sure to create a backup of all of your important data, as unlocking bootloader on YU Yunique will wipe and erase all of your data and settings. Backup SMS | Contacts | Call Logs etc.
  2. Enable USB Debugging from Developer Options.
  3. Enable OEM Unlocking from Settings > Developer Options.
  4. Charge Yunique to at least 60%.
  1. Download and install YU USB Drivers on PC. Alternate.
  2. Install and Setup ADB and Fastboot drivers on PC – Windows | Mac.
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage to your YU Yunique and proceed with the below steps at your own risk.

How to unlock Bootloader on YU Yunique YU4711:

Step 1: Open the command window inside the Fastboot folder. If you have install the ADB and Fastboot drivers system-wide then just open the command window. If you haven’t installed it system-wide then follow the below steps.
  • Open the Fastboot folder.
  • Press and hold the shift key and right click inside the Fastboot folder at the empty space.
  • Select open command window here.
Step 2: Connect YU Yunique to PC and type the following command in the CMD.
adb devices
This command shows list of devices connected to PC with USB Debugging enabled. You may have to authorize your PC for successful connection, when asked.
Step 3: Now type the below commands and unlock bootloader on YU Yunique YU4711.
adb reboot bootloader
This command boots YU Yunique into Bootloader / Fastboot Mode.
fastboot devices
This command shows list of devices connected to PC in Fastboot mode. This is to confirm whether YU Yunique is successfully connected to PC in Fastboot Mode.
fastboot -i 0x1ebf oem unlock
This command unlocks bootloader on YU Yunique and wipes all of the data and settings.
fastboot oem device-info
This command shows the bootloader status of the device. If it is unlocked you will see Device unlocked: true as shown in the image below.

fastboot reboot
This command boots your device into normal mode.
That’s it now you have successfully unlocked Bootloader on YU Yunique YU4711 Android Smartphone. Do share this tutorial and help others in unlocking bootloader on YU Yunique.
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