Saturday, 26 December 2015

TUTORIAL dsixda's Android Kitchen (DeOdxing, and cooking roms)


CREDITS: The crew that made recovery possible, sammyz for his great unbrick stuffs, bard and anyone else who helped me firgue the updater out. dsixda kitchen for the awesome program and guides to use it.

Ok This is a tutorial to teach everyone step by step how to install, and use dsixda kitchen, on WINDOWS 7,8 for our LG Motions.

STEP 1. Download Java Jdk. Refer RIGHT back here for instructions.

STEP 2. Download dsixda kitchen. Refer RIGHT back here for instructions.

STEP 3. Download Cygwin. Refer RIGHT back here for instructions.

STEP 4. Install Java Jdk

STEP 5. [HIGH]1) Run the Cygwin setup.exe and select the defaults for the installation paths, such as:
- install from internet
- install to C:\cygwin

2) At the 'Select Packages' screen, go to the 'Search' box to look for the following package:
* gcc (found under 'Devel')
- Click on the '+' symbol at the section it's found under
- Then find this single package (only the one with this exact name, not multiple similarly-named ones!) and click 'Skip' once so that it changes to show a version number
Go back to the Search box and repeat the above steps for the rest of the packages:
* perl (found under 'Interpreters')
* cpio (found under 'Utils')
* util-linux (found under 'Utils')
* ncurses (found under 'Utils')
* zip (found under 'Archive')
* unzip (found under 'Archive')
* wget (found under 'Web')

3) Press Next to proceed installing these packages.
4) When installation has been completed, click on your new Cygwin desktop shortcut. This will open a terminal session that will run some initialization.
5) With the Cygwin terminal still open, we need to configure the path to the Java application so that it can be executed within Cygwin.
In the terminal, type the command 'java' (without quotes). If it says 'command not found', then read the below. Otherwise, skip this section.

First, make a backup of your .bash_profile file in case you make a mistake later in this procedure.
Enter the following in the terminal:
cp .bash_profile .bash_profile.backup

Next, find out where your java.exe file is and run the appropriate command to add it to your Cygwin path.
For example, my java.exe is found under C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin, so I had to type:
echo "PATH=/cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/Java/jre7/bin:\${PATH}" >> .bash_profile
Modify the command above so that it matches the actual path to your installed Java.
Remember to add a "\" character before any spaces in your path, as shown above.

Type the following so that the file gets loaded (you only need to do this once):
source .bash_profile
There should not be any errors displayed if successful.
(Otherwise, if you made an error in the .bash_profile file, restore your backup by typing: cp .bash_profile.backup .bash_profile, and then try the procedure again)

If done correctly, then when you type 'java' it should display some help information.

6) Your Cygwin is now ready for the kitchen![/HIGH]

STEP 6. Unzip and Rename the Kicthen Folder from: Andriod-Kitchen-0220 to: Kitchen to avoid errors

STEP 7. Copy kitchen folder to C:\Cygwin\home\username\ then type.
"cd Kitchen"

STEP 8. type ./menu and BOOM yer in the kitchen. now before you use this kitchen there are 3 things we need todo to get it working with your LG MOTION.

STEP 1. Install notepad++

STEP 2. navigate to kitchen folder then tools folder then edifydefs folder.

Create a file named l0 and put these contents in it.[HIGH]*LG MOTION

boot_mnt=\/dev\/block\/mmcblk0p7[/HIGH] save with notepad++ exit.

STEP 3. after you have deoxed or cooked your rom you must open your updater-script found in /METAINF/COM/GOOGLE/ANDRIOD and replace it with this [HIGH]show_progress(0.1, 0);