Thursday, 7 April 2016

How to Handle BootLoops or Soft Bricks


How to know if there is a Bootloop?

Sometimes after you flash a ROM and reboot it takes much more time than usual to boot because it takes time to remake the cache and load into the memory all Apps. But when you see the Boot Animation for 5mins or more you should be sure that it is a bootloop. So Below is the way to handle such cases and its not a situation to panic. We can also term bootloop as SoftBrick. When you see that the ROM doesn't bootup after 5mins then you should turn off your phone otherwise if you leave your phone in the same state the SoC may heatup much more and may lead to damage the chipset.
So the first step that you should take is to turn it off. In Yu Yunique you can do this by two ways. Either hold Volume Up + Power Button otherwise hold Volume Down + Power Button. From these two ways any one of them must work.


  1. Download and install required USB Drivers on PC. Alternative.
  2. Install and setup ADB and Fastboot drivers – Windows | Mac.
  3. Unlock Bootloader on YU Yunique.

How to Defeat a Bootloop?

  1. After you turn off your phone. Boot into Fastboot mode by pressing and holding Volume Up + Power Button(For Yunqiue).
  2. Then Connect the Phone to PC. Note:- You must have had installed the Fastboot and ADB Drivers.
  3. Hold Shift and Right click on ADB and Fastboot Folder and Select 'Open Command Window Here' option.
  4. In Command Window, Type:- fastboot devices
  5. You must see some a combination of alphabet and numbers written on the screen that should show up. If not you must properly connect the device to PC, properly install the drivers and Reboot your PC and then try again.
  6. Then download CyanogenMod Recovery from the give link. Download
  7. Then Copy the file inside the ADB and Fastboot Folder and rename it to cmrecovery.img
  8. Type in Command Window:- fastboot boot cmrecovery.img
  9. Then After about 5sec you can see CyanogenMod recoery on your phone.
  10. From there Select: Wipe Data/Factory Reset > Yes.
  11. Then Select: Wipe cache partition
  12. Finally Click on: Reboot System Now.

Now ENJOY!! Finally the ROM will boot perfectly. If any other problem occurs then do not forget to notify me in the Comment Section Below **.