Tuesday, 5 April 2016

How to install CyanogenMod Recovery (CM Recovery) in Yunqiue


What is Recovery?
Recovery is a limited boot mode, independent of your normal Android operating system. In the stock recovery, you can install OTA update packages, wipe data, and wipe the cache partition. The feature set available depends on the specific recovery installed. In general, stock recoveries (which come pre-installed on your device) are the most limited. They typically only allow manufacturer updates to be performed and remain mostly invisible to the end user. Simple recovery, used by the CyanogenMod Installer, is another limited recovery meant to perform only basic tasks, like updates and wipes. Custom recoveries, described below, offer a much larger suite of tools. The most important of these is the ability to make a full device backup which can later be restored if Android misbehaves in an unrecoverable fashion.

  1. To avoid data loss while rooting, it is always recommended to have a backup of all of your important data and stuff. Backup SMS | Contacts | Call Logs etc.
  2. Enable USB Debugging from Developer Options.
  3. Charge Yunique to at least 65% before you proceed.
  4. Download and install required USB Drivers on PC. Alternative.
  5. Install and setup ADB and Fastboot drivers – Windows | Mac.
  6. Unlock Bootloader on YU Yunique.
DisclaimerI don’t take any responsibility for any damage to your YU Yunique and we recommend to proceed with the below steps only if you understand what you are doing and proceed at your own risk.

CyanogenMod Recovery for YU Yunique – Download

How to Install CyanogenMod Recovery on YU Yunique YU4711:

Step 1: Download the CM Recovery from the downloads section above in CyanogenMod Official Site.
Step 2: Rename it to cmrecovery.img and copy it inside the ADB or Fastboot folder or the folder where fastboot.exe or adb.exe is located.
Step 3: Open the ADB or Fastboot folder and press and hold the shift key and right click inside the folder at the empty space and choose Open Command Window Here.
Step 4: Boot YU Yunique into Fastboot Mode.
  • Power off YU Yunique.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up button and connect YU Yunique to PC.
Step 5: Once you are in Fastboot Mode, type the following commands:
fastboot flash recovery cmrecovery.img
This command flashes the CM Recovery on YU Yunique.
fastboot reboot
This command reboots YU Yunique to normal mode.
That’s it now you have CM Recovery installed on YU Yunique.